FKB Water Filters:

  • Remove up to 99% of contaminants: Enjoy peace of mind knowing your water is filtered of chlorine, lead, and other impurities.
  • Improved taste: Savor the delicious natural taste of water, free from unpleasant odors and aftertastes.
  • Save money: Ditch expensive bottled water and enjoy clean, filtered water for a fraction of the cost.
  • Eco-friendly: Reduce plastic waste and help the environment by filtering your own water.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that uses a semi-permeable membrane to filter out unwanted impurities, contaminants and sediments like chlorine, fluoride, microplastics, salt, dirt  and much more from drinking water . It gets water clean down to a molecular level, leaving only pure H2O behind. It also reduces your carbon emissions (less plastic) and can save you over €350 per year  compared with bottled water

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis system

  1. Sediment prefilter: A sediment prefilter screens out dirt, sand, rust and other microscopic particles 15 times smaller than a grain of sand.
  2. Carbon prefilter: An activated carbon prefilter reduces elements that cause water to taste and smell unpleasant, including chlorine.
  3. 2nd carbon prefilter: Another activated carbon prefilter reduces elements that cause water to taste and smell unpleasant, including the taste and odor of chlorine.
  4. RO membrane: The reverse osmosis membrane filters out dissolved solids, including radium, lead, arsenic, and many others.
  5. Taste and Odour filter: The T+O filter is a second activated carbon filter that polishes the water to make sure it's crystal clear. 

Stage Reverse osmosis


This goes through the same stages as the 5 stage reverse osmosis however a 6th filter is added called a remineralizer which replenishes the filtered water with some of the natural minerals removed during filtration

P'URE Aqua  6 stage Reverse osmosis salcium

The feed water flows through the three pre-filters intended to reduce sediments (rust, sand, silt etc.), chlorine and chlorination by-products, as well as organic matter.

The fourth stage is represented by the reverse osmosis membrane which at the molecular level purifies the water from 99.8% impurities including bacteria and viruses.

The water purified by the reverse osmosis membrane flows through the AquaCalcium replacement filter where the 1st stage of mineralization takes place. Special technology of the filter reproduces natural speed of water flowing through mountain rocks. The time of its contact with the composition of the AquaCalcium replacement filter increases, and consequently permanent content of minerals in the purified water is provided.

Then the purified water is supplied to the storage tank. From the tank, the water undergoes the 2nd stage of mineralization in the AquaCalcium replacement filter.

Then it flows to the carbon post-filter intended for the final water purification. It contains high-quality activated coconut shell carbon which improves purified water taste and odour, and adds slight sophisticated sweetish flavour.

Please note 3 bar pressure is required for this unit to work without a booster pump.Booster pump is at an additional cost.


Direct flow reverse osmosis

 With a 1.1 low drain rate and a high-water flow rate of 600 GPD, our fast-filtering RO system wastes 34% less water than the traditional ones and is much more efficient with a flow rate of 2.1 litres per minute!

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Tri-flow Taps

 All units come with a single lever tap that comes free of charge, but you you also have the option of purchasing one of our tri-flow taps which can be swapped with your standard hot and cold kitchen tap.This tap will give you hot/cold and filtered water

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