Tri-flow taps

Tri-flow Filter taps

If you're looking for a kitchen upgrade that will make your life easier, consider installing a tri flow tap. These taps provide filtered water, hot water, and cold water all from one convenient location. Learn more about how they work and why they're a must-have addition to any modern kitchen.

What are Tri Flow Taps?

Tri flow taps are a type of kitchen tap that provides three different types of water from one spout: filtered water, hot water, and cold water. They are designed to make life easier in the kitchen by eliminating the need for multiple taps or appliances to provide these different types of water. Tri flow taps are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens due to their convenience and functionality.

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Arat Tri Flow tap

Arataba Tri Flow Tap

Eliminates the need for the extra tap for your filter system. Hot Cold and filtered water.
Regno Tri Flow Kitchen Tap

Regno Tri Flow Kitchen Tap

Regno Kitchen Filter Tap. Stunning filter tap that attracts compliments in your kitchen. Hot, cold and Filtered Water at your kitchen sink Available Finishes: Chrome, Brushed Steel & Gold
Portata Gold

Portata Tri Flow Kitchen Tap

€200,00 – €250,00
Long Reach Water Filter Tap. Gives you hot, cold & filtered water. Flexible hose allows for ease of washing. Suitable for reverse osmosis filters and stand alone filters. Finishes Available:...
Aretha kitchen filter tap (Various Finishes)

Aretha kitchen filter tap (Various Finishes)

Aretha Kitchen filter tap Elegant dual flow kitchen mixer tap with filter outlet  for purified water Connects to our reverse osmosis systems  Comes in a variety of finishes, chrome, gun...

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