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Is Your Well Water Letting You Down?

Tired of surprises in your tap? Well water can be fantastic, but it can also bring unwanted guests like iron, manganese, and that rotten egg smell! Is your well water:

  • Stained and cloudy? (Iron, manganese, or turbidity)
  • Leaving white buildup? (Limescale)
  • Tasting metallic? (Iron or manganese)
  • Smelling like rotten eggs? (Hydrogen sulfide)
  • Unclear or discolored? (Turbidity, color)
  • Not quite "right"? (pH imbalance)

Well water Treatment

Hydrogen Sulphide/ Rotten Eggs Filtration

Hydrogen Sulphide/ Rotten Egg Smell Removal

€750,00 – €1.200,00
Rotten Egg Smell/ Chlorine Filters The smell of rotten eggs in water is caused by hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). This gas is produced by several things, including: Sulfur-reducing bacteria: These bacteria...
FKB Iron & Manganese Filter

FKB Iron and Manganese Filters

Effects of Iron and Manganese in Well Water: Discoloration: Initially, the water might appear clear, but upon exposure to air, iron oxidizes, turning reddish-brown. Manganese can cause black staining. Staining:...
60 Litre Horizontal Pressure Vessel

60 litre Horizontal pressure vessel

60 litre Horizontal pressure vessel • Single diaphragm design• NSF Standard 61, CE/PED, WRAS, ACS, ISO-9001, Gost, Evrazes approved• Patented stainless steel water connection• Virgin polypropylene liner• Two part polyurethane,...
FKB UV Sterilizer

Ultraviolet disinfection unit for whole house

€590,00 – €850,00
Worried about bacteria and impurities in your water? Ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection offers a safe, chemical-free solution. UV light eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses...
PH Correction Unit

Ph Correction Unit

PH Correction Unit Do you have low water Ph? What this mean is your water is acidic and can lead to corrosion of your pipework which will leach metals into...

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