Well water Treatment

Well Water Treatment

Introducing our comprehensive Well Water Treatment System, meticulously crafted to address a myriad of water quality concerns commonly found in well water sources. Our system is engineered to combat contaminants effectively, ensuring your water is pure, safe, and enjoyable for all your household needs.

Options Available

  1. Carbon Filtration: Our state-of-the-art carbon filters excel at removing chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other impurities, guaranteeing that your water tastes and smells fresh without any hint of chemical residue.

  2. Iron and Manganese Filters: Bid farewell to unsightly iron stains and foul odors with our specialized filters designed to target both iron and manganese. By efficiently removing these metals, our filters restore the natural clarity and purity of your water, leaving it free from discoloration and unpleasant taste.

  3. pH Increasers: Restore harmony to your water's pH levels with our dedicated pH increasers. By precisely adjusting the pH balance, our treatment system ensures your water remains at an optimal level, preventing corrosive damage to your plumbing infrastructure while enhancing its overall quality.

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    Crystal Right CR100

    Crystal Right CR100 (Treatment of Hard Water ,Iron, Manganese & PH)

    Crystal Right CR100 (Treatment of Hard Water ,Iron, Manganese & PH) Crystal-Right is a versatile media used for water treatment, particularly well water.  Crystal-Right can address multiple water issues simultaneously,...
    Iron & Manganese Removal

    Lanx Iron and Manganese Removal

    If you not only have hard water , but also iron and manganese in your well water, then we recommend our specialist Iron and and manganese softener. This filters out...
    60 Litre Horizontal Pressure Vessel

    60 litre Horizontal pressure vessel

    60 litre Horizontal pressure vessel • Single diaphragm design• NSF Standard 61, CE/PED, WRAS, ACS, ISO-9001, Gost, Evrazes approved• Patented stainless steel water connection• Virgin polypropylene liner• Two part polyurethane,...
    Ultraviolet disinfection unit for whole house

    Ultraviolet disinfection unit for whole house

     UV water disinfection : water passes through the disinfection unit, living organisms in water are exposed to light which makes the microorganism harmless.
    ph  correction

    Ph Correction Unit

    PH Correction Unit Do you have low water Ph? What this mean is your water is acidic and can lead to corrosion of your pipework which will leach metals into...

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