Water Softeners

 Looking for a water softener that get's rid of 100% of limescale? Choose from our range of Esoft Pro Clack water softeners and Esoft Eco softeners .Tried and tested 10 year guarantee  for your family home. Protect the longevity of your appliances, enjoy softer skin. Call us to discuss your needs.

What are Water Softeners & their benefits?

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Clack Water Softeners For Mains & Well Water. Free Installation
6 litre8 litre35 litre

Clack Water Softeners For Mains & Well Water. Free Installation

€950,00 – €1.090,00
Clack water softeners: Mains & Well Water Kiss Limescale Goodbye Forever: Clack water softeners are the ultimate warriors against stubborn scale buildup. No more scrubbing shower doors or replacing clogged...
esoft eco

FKB Eco Water softener With Free Installation

 Eco Eco: Unleash the Power of Soft Water, Effortlessly Hard water got you down? Introducing the eco water softener, your one-stop solution to softer, healthier water for your entire home. Experience...
Water Softener Salt

Water Softener Salt

Local Delivery only, 10x 25 kg bags of Water Softening Salt, suitable for the majority of water softeners that use  tablet salt, such as esoft, clack and more. Delivering to...

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