FKB Water filters

6 stage reverse osmosis unit with installation  non pumped
pumpednon pumped

Reverse osmosis System with Remineralizing Filter

€310,00 – €450,00
* Filters out unwanted  impurities such as sediment , chlorine, fluoride, microplastics, salt, dirt and much more. Ads minerals back to your water  It gets water clean down to a molecular...

Aplos Angel Premium Reverse Osmosis System

€599,00 – €699,00
Is bottled water your go-to solution for bad-tasting tap water? Ditch the plastic and embrace the Angel Undersink water filter, your personal gateway to pure refreshment. Unlock the hidden potential...
10" Filter Housing

10" Filter Housing

10" Filter Housing 10 " filter jar for all 10" standard filters. Suits carbon , GAC , sediment , ion exchange filters and much more Details 3/4 female ports Includes mounting bracket...
ecosoft 3 stage filter

Ecosoft 3 Stage water filter system

€150,00 – €299,00
Ecosoft 3 Stage filter Stages of filtration First stage  removes  sand, rust, silt and scale, with 5 micron sediment filter. The second stage softens water using ECOMIX D37 Filter, giving you...
4 in 1 Boiling water Tap Gold Finish

4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap With Reverse Osmosis System

€1.350,00 – €1.380,00
4-In-1 Boiling Water Tap  comes with 1 inline Filter combines elegant design with intuitive controls that deliver four water options. Available in 5 finishes, it comes with a filter cartridge, thermostatic...

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