Whole House Filtration

Whole House Water Filter Systems

We offer great deals on Water Softeners and Drinking Water Filters when Purchased together.10 Years Warranty On system Efficiency, Yearly Servicing and Free Professional Installation.


  • Great discounts 
  • Softeners to suit all apartments and Houses
  • Outside Installation available to save space
  • Free 25kg Bag of Salt worth €14 with every install.
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Installation: Whole House Filtration Standard Package

Installation: Whole House Filtration Standard Package

ECO Undersink Water Softener with Remineralizing Filter and Drinking Water Tap Enjoy luxuriously soft water and a refreshing taste straight from your tap with the ECO Undersink Water Softener. This...
clack premium package

Clack Premium Package

Clack Premium Package This complete under-sink water treatment system combines the power of the Clack water softener with the Aplos Angel water filter, providing a one-stop solution for all your...
fkb premium water package

Premium Package

Whole House Premium Package Indulge in Luxury Hydration with Our Premium Water Deal Package! Elevate your water experience with our exclusive bundle featuring a state-of-the-art Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Unit...
Deluxe Whole House Package 1

Deluxe Whole House Package 1

Esoft eco 6 litre water softener and Ecosoft 3 stage water softener discounted. Installation included
Deluxe Whole House Package2

Deluxe Whole House Package 2

January Deal: Whole House Water System, 6 Litre Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter. No more Limescale  & no more bottled water. Save over €390 in 1 year...

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